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Category: World


Russia threatens retaliation 

Russia has warned it would respond decisively to a missile test conducted by America. Washington which pulled away from the INF Treaty entered into by both sides launched a cruise missile which is part of the short range weapons that have banned over the years….


Russian meddling claims Overstock CE0 

The Chief Executive Officer of Overstock, Patrick Byrne has quit his position in his company, which is worth more than US 700 million dollars. But not without a startling revelation which may cast further aspersions on the integrity of the FBI over the Russian investigation….

China turns its back to smiles in Hongkong 

China turns its back to smiles in Hongkong Indications China might be ready to put an end to what looks more like a toothy-smile policy when dealing with issues pertaining to Hongkong are gradually emerging. Beijing, a major stakeholder in Hongkong’s future, has kept a…