There are increasing speculations in political circles that the Governor of Rivers State, Barrister Nyesom Wike may have worked against his own party in Bayelsa.
According to information reaching our news desk, Wike working underground joined forces with former President Goodluck Jonathan to undermine the electoral efforts of the Dickson led PDP in that State.
The Port Harcourt Telegraph had published weeks ago that Governor Wike is plotting to abandon the PDP.
Although some PDP governors dashed down to Port Harcourt shortly after the Telegraph made the disclosure to appease the Rivers governor, there is evidence that Wike has not backed down.
The scenario which played out in Bayelsa apparently suggest that Wike is not yet done with his ambition to decamp from the PDP before it is too late.
Wike is believed to have met with former President Goodluck Jonathan. It was at the meeting that the plot to undo Dickson was hatched.
As part of the plan, sympathizers of the Governor as well as other resources required for the fight against Dickson were drafted to Bayelsa to work with the former President.
Apparently, Jonathan who is eyeing a top US job appears to be in a strong position to negotiate with the authorities, especially the APC on the way forward in the South South.
Governor Wike who has queued behind his mentor, Jonathan, we have gathered, is investing complete faith in the former President’s ability to give him a foothold in the APC when the time comes.
Governor Seriake Dickson had offended the forces behind the party in the State when he shut out all comers in his bid to plant a successor.
16 times Dickson made moves to reconcile with Jonathan and his allies; 16 times the ex-president refused to forgive for Dickson’s spite.
Based on reports that are making the rounds, Wike may have decided to pay back Dickson, following months of a “cold war” between them.
Dickson had publicly dismissed Wike, following what he considered as his colleagues overbearing attitude.
Wheareas Wike had the back of Governor Aminu Tambuwal during the search for a presidential candidate on the platform of the PDP, Dickson joined the group of high ranking party men who threw their lot behind Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the eventual winner of the National Convention which held in Wike’s backyard.
Wike licked his wound while Dickson made merry right in his face.
It would appear that the gubernatorial election which held in Bayelsa provided an opportunity for a pay back, Wike’s associates claim.
“Dickson didn’t know what was waiting for him”, said a source in Port Harcourt.
“It was a chance for Oga to show him. The plan to deal with him was well on ground.
“Dickson should have known that he was not confronting Jonathan alone. There were other people outside Bayelsa who were spoiling for war with him.
“Now he knows that Wike was one of them. Wike is not a man to play with.”
Meanwhile, Wike has publicly tried to divert attention from his alleged involvement in Bayelsa politics.
He claimed shortly after the elections that enemies whom he did not name had taken over Bayelsa State, stressing that his own victory over his opponents in Rivers was due to divine intervention.
But close associates of the Governor hinted that the comment spiced with sarcasm was a tongue-in-cheeck slap meant for Dickson.
Wike who is already pondering over his own future has reportedly established contacts with top APC leaders, including Ahmed Tinunbu, Adams Oshiomhole, and the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Omo Agege.
Here in Rivers State, Wike has reportedly struck a working pact with Senator Magnus Abe who reportedly helped in ensuring that the APC would not pose any obstacle to his bid for a second tenure.
Within some APC circles, there are increasing talks about Wike’s schemes.
In the new year, many believe the Rivers governor who is thinking about a soft landing might make his move.
Wike would want to replace Rotimi Amaechi as the arrowhead of the APC in Rivers State, but that assignment is proving too difficult given his place in the party.
We have gathered that the governor has been using Abe as a pun in the fight against Amaechi.
With Jonathan in the picture, Wike would in the months ahead lean heavily on his shoulder.
Buhari genuinely seems to like Jonathan and Wike’s insiders say this is the magic wand they need to draw real close to the system.