What may have been considered impossible some years ago in Bayelsa State is about to happen.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP appears to be facing a harrowing experience which may result in a woeful outing in November if utmost care is not taken.

The tide is changing, members of the ruling party in that State are defecting in droves and support for the All Progressives Congress, APC, is apparently growing.

Six out of every ten persons spoken to in Bayelsa, according to Telegraph news stringers, say they would vote for David Lyon, the APC candidate.

More than 80% of those now rooting for the APC have never voted for the party before.

But they say Lyon is the man to support and youthful Bayelsans between the age bracket of 18 and 35 are in the forefront of the vanguard for change.

The elevation of Timi Sylva to the office of the Petroleum Minister and his style of politics may have convinced Bayelsans that President Muhammadu means well for the Ijaw nation.

With Jonathan who obviously has Nigeria's backing on the way to the UN, the coast appears very clear.

Jonathan was at the Presidential Villa recently and talks between himself and the President may have gone well although details of their conversation are not in the public domain.

The entry into the roped square of Dame Patience Jonathan, an astute campaigner and wife of Nigeria's former President is perhaps proof that the umbrella, symbol of the PDP, is gradually tearing into shreds.

There is apparently no hiding place for Governor Seriake Dickson and Diri, his acclaimed candidate.

Among prominent defectors who have dumped the PDP for the APC are Senator Emmanuel Paulker, Hon Ebebi, former Speaker of the Bayelsa House of Assembly and a one-time Director General of the ANAMCO campaign organisation, Senator Amangi

Until the defections began,  the APC reportedly had strong footholds in four Local Government Areas out of Bayelsa's official eight.

ich observers reveal is tightly under the control of the former President.

Dickson is a fighter who cannot easily be ignored.

No one had given him a chance to beat the alignment that was amassed against his team.

Somehow, Dickson and his associates overcame the challenge.

Months after, Dickson seemingly has his back to the wall.

So far, Dickson hasn't spoken publicly. But work is going on underground according to his associates.

Money determines the tempo of Bayelsa politics and most analysts reason vote buying may determine which of the two established political parties – APC and PDP – will win the November elections.

For now, the war drums beat. A few weeks separate the candidates who are storming grounds of great hope from their destination.

Except something untoward happens before election which may affect the electoral fortunes of the APC, Bayelsa may likely fall to the control of the new political bride.

There are strong indications that more LGAs might tilt in the direction of the APC before Election Day.