Governor Wike has urged those who besiege for settlement to take their votes back and allow him focus on the task ahead.

Wike made the plea while speaking at one of the flyover bridges at Rumuokoro.

Apparently lamenting the pressure that he is facing as a result of the votes some persons cast for him, the Governor said he has a duty to provide basic infrastructure in the best interest of the Rivers State.

His remark suggested that in spite of efforts to maintain his cool, he is increasingly getting to a point where he may be unable to tolerate such distractions from his alleged supporters.

Wike recently secured a Supreme Court victory over Biokpo Awara who had challenged his declaration as Governor after the polls.

On his way to a second tenure, Wike had relied more on legal technicalities more than the usual campaigns which get the people to appreciate what their would-be leaders intend to do while in office.

Although the governor denies it, most in Rivers State, especially APC members suspect Senator Magnus Abe who was the arrowhead in the battle to disqualify their candidates may have collaborated with him.

With the apex court in the land ruling that Wike had a good case, the coast is now clear for the governor to unload his package for the people.

In the meantime,  not many supporters of Governor Wike are happy over his comments.

Some say it is an indication that the governor isn’t appreciative of their efforts.

They say his  remarks smack of disrespect for all who laboured when it mattered most.

“How can a man we took all the risk for address us like this? Is it wrong to ask him to look favourably upon those who worked for him?

“I am disappointed by his remark and I am certain there are others who are worried by the way he spoke.”

The governor may have impressed critics of his administration and others who figure there is no end to settlement.

Elyger Agwu said in response, “I agree with the Governor on this. It is time to put the money where it is required.”

As tough as the Governor came across, many say he hasn’t acted tough enough on prime issues.

They point to his inability to appoint commissioners.

Wike has run the system with about two commissioners, refusing to bulge to ongoing pressure from his party men and women to raise a team.

Insiders allege that because of the power play between the governor and top party men, Wike may eventually share power with members of the opposition who helped him surmount the APC.

As things are, a supporter of Senator Abe has been named secretary of a road maintenance outfit.

Those angry with Wike realize that there is little they can do.

They acknowledge the fact that the governor is on his way out. But they say the governor would wish to pick a successor when the time comes.

Starved of official patronage; denied when many had looked up to recognition; and pushed to the backstage; analysts say challenging Wike in 2023 when he may have an eye on the Senate might prove a mission impossible.

For now, Wike enjoys the spoils of office and the power to give to whomsoever he deems fit.