The nation’s apex court, the Supreme Court has delivered judgment on the appeal brought before it by Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

The court said in its ruling that President Muhammadu Buhari was duly elected by the Nigerian people in the 2019 Presidential Polls.

Recall that after the decision reached by the Court of Appeal which serves as the presidential elections petition tribunal, the Atiku legal team resolved to approach the court above.

In September, precisely on the 24th, Atiku’s team put together grounds of law, which it believed would lead to a resolution that the court of first instance erred in arriving at its decision.

According to information, there were at least, 66 of such grounds, that lawyers working for the PDP placed before the Supreme Court.

While the drama at the Supreme Court played out, President Buhari was out of the country on national assiginment.

It would appear that pushing the administration’s economic agenda; laying the foundation for growth and positive change; and working with other development partners to enhance the ease of doing business in Nigeria far outweighed a narrow parochial interest in a legal tussle.

It had taken the Court of Appeal about nine hours to deliver its own judgment, but the Supreme Court in its ruling said it would explain the basis of its ruling at a later date.

In coming to their conclusions, the Justices of the Court of Appeal who were unanimous in their position held that all the evidence before them pointed in the direction of a Buhari victory.

It was the first time that TV cameras would be allowed into the court for such a high profile matter.