A lot of ongoing lobby is taking place within the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State.

Although the courts are yet to dispose of the suit filed by Senator Magnus Abe’s men, intending aspirants have hit the ground running.

It is a sign that most politicians within the party are tired of political inactivity, a source who spoke with this publication said.

“By any stretch of the imagination, we are politicians. Many in the party welcome the moves that some aspirants are making.

“We think this time, our voices must be heard, when it comes to those who want to preside over our interests”, the source explained

Already, the lobbyists have penciled down names of party big wigs to visit and our information is that these teams have hit the road.

Recall that since the APC took off in the State, all the party chairmen have come from the Riverine area.

While Chief Davies Ibiamu Ikanya was the foundation chairman of the party, Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree succeeded him in office.

There are however strong indications that the upland part of the State is likely to produce the next State Chairman of the APC.

Should this happen, it would mean that the APC might be planning to retain the governorship ticket in the Riverine area.

In 2023, it would be 24 years that power returned to the people.

Through out this period, no Riverine governor has governed the State.

Amaechi has insisted that it would be fair if the Riverine people are given the opportunity to govern the State, but the Riverine people from their demeanour do not appear to have the appetite to produce a governor.

This attitude has further influenced some other Ikwerre aspirants who are eyeing the governorship in 2023 to do so.

What the Ikwerres are yet to say is that they now have an agenda to dominate the entire State.

What their body language appears to depict is the readiness of a people who are not prepared to concede anything to their neighbours.

While others across Nigeria worry about an alleged attempt to Islamize Nigeria, other ethnic groups across Rivers State worry about the Ikwerrenization of the State.

Among the Ikwerres who should be calling for caution, Wike is gradually turning into a hero.

Apparently, Wike is the one who is systematically pushing the dream of the Ikwerre nation.

This must explain why he is busy naming public structures built with public funds after Ikwerre communities.

Comparatively, the Ikwerres in the APC appear more liberal than their relations who claim to be conservatives.

At least, when it comes to the retention of the governorship, they have not openly put their card on the table.

However, there has been a lobe-sided plan which has given the Riverine both the governorship ticket and chairmanship of the APC.

There are views in the party which disagrees with the idea of raising chairmen of the party and governorship candidates from the same power bloc.

They say the old approach is not fair enough, arguing th various interest groups within the party must be satisfied in order to give everyone a sense of belonging.

From the picture that is emerging, the Ikwerres are poised to go for the chairmanship of the APC.

Names are being dropped while men are moving increasingly into the field to lobby members of the party to adopt their preferred candidates.

How well the current hunt for power would promote harmony within the party remains to be seen.