The Acting Managing Director of the NDDC, Joy Nunieh has warned those who live in glass houses not to throw stones.
The Ogoni born lawyer and politician issued the warning while speaking in her office.
She said since arriving at the Commission, her team has discovered how funds belonging to taxpayers which are meant for the development of the region are being stolen by well placed persons.
The Acting Managing Director alleged that someone whom she did not name was receiving a billion naira every month from the Commission.
Vowing that NDDC would discontinue such payments, she said the kind of funds that were being looted could be used to provide portable water, health centres and quality education.
Nunieh assured that leakages at the commission which have hitherto created room for stealing would be plugged, and promised to ensure that funds are properly utilized for the benefit of the ordinary people who reside in the communities.
Nunieh debunked claims there were ongoing demonstrations outside her office.
Insisting that there has been no protest since she took over the reins, she said there  was a ploy by some unnamed persons to create the impression that the decision of the President to bring the new team on board has not been accepted by the people.
She warned those whom she said were living in glass houses not to throw stones even as she remarked that nothing would stop her from fulfilling the mandate of the President.
The President had said while meeting with governors from the Niger Delta states that despite deliberate funding, not much has been achieved by the commission in terms of positive development.
Many had expected that the forensic audit promised by the President would be completed before appointees take their seat.
But with Joi in the saddle and the Senate through with its screening, Nigerians are wondering if the proposed investigation would still go ahead.
It is not clear if the steering committee as it is called would be part of the cleanup exercise at the NDDC.
Meanwhile, the people of the region are watching to see what the Ogoni-born technocrat would do.
Will the new helmsmen be any different from their predecessors in office?
Will it be all talk and no action or would the Acting Managing Director work the talk?
Joi’s admirers seem to think that the NDDC would enter a new phase.
She has already promised that communities would benefit directly from the NDDC’s operations.
Thus far, all those who usually hang around the Commission, according to Nunieh, have been directed to go back to the their communities.
She said NDDC officials under her watch would take development related matters seriously and ensure change takes place in the region.