A forensic audit has been ordered by the Federal Government into the activities of the NDDC.

Following the order, investigators are to examine how funds accruing to the Commission was spent between 2001 and 2019.

Speaking when Governors of the Niger Delta visited him, President Muhammadu Buhari said the time had come to look at the activities of the Commission.

Acknowledging that the visible projects bandied around by the Commission did not appear to match the volume of funds released by the Federal Government, Buhari said he was aware that the difficult terrain of the region contributes to the huge expenses incurred on projects.

He expressed confidence that the forensic audit would reveal the truth about all that has transpired over they years and assured the governors that those found to have ripped off the Commission would answer to the law.

The decision of the Presidency to go backwards in time took many who had been part of the plot to tarnish the last NDDC board by surprise.

Anti – Amaechi, campaigners had hoped that Professor Nelson Branbaifa and members of his team would be singled out for a probe.

That hasn’t been the case. Many more who have served the NDDC would be under the searchlight of investigators.

Following the pronouncement of the President, fear has gripped all have been linked with the Commission.

“This is poetic justice”, a former member of the National Assembly noted, “Buhari has open the pandora box.

“It is important to know all who have traveled the corruption route at the NDDC; to track the funds that these people have stacked away; and ensure that they return their loot.

“Some of those who were going for Amaechi must be regretting now. They have brought calamity on top of themselves and brought persons who were sleeping easy within the reach of destruction.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are waiting for the President to name members of the panel who would be charged with the task of unraveling the rot at the NDDC.

They hope that they would no nonsense persons who would refuse to be influenced by past appointees and their backers who are worried that the fight against Amaechi is getting costly for everyone in and outside the Niger Delta.