At last, what most motorists and commuters plying the major Etche route have been afraid of has happened.

The Igwuruta – Okpala Road which plays a critical role in the movement of goods and services between Rivers State and its neighbours has finally collapsed.

The road connects two states is expected to be a “Trunk A’ road, meaning that it is the responsbility of the Federal Government to undertake its construction or reconstruction.

But help has not come from the Federal Government. Both FEMA and NDDC have failed to do anything about the depreciating route.

Professor Brambaifa, former Acting Managing Director of the NDDC visited the road before he got kicked out.

His successor is yet to follow up on the promise that he made to fix the road.

The State Government which has turned matters pertaining to the road and other routes in the area into campaign tools has turned deaf ears to cries that are coming from the Etche people.

Last Saturday, the route was momentarily blocked as the council stepped in.

It brought in chipping and sand in an effort to embark on some remedial work.

Worse hit, is the portion which lies between  Chokocho  and  Okomoko communities.

Tankers carrying petroleum products have fallen repeatedly in recent times in an attempt to navigate potholes.

Last Friday when the Telegraph was in the area, drivers turned hastily in panic as word spread that a tanker loaded with fuel was about to fall to the ground.

Luckily, a number of youths now hang around the worst of the spots to help smaller cars stuck in mud to make the cross, but for a fee.

The Telegraph Publisher who saw things for himself said afterwards, “We pray that innocent people would not be roasted alive someday on account of what is happening on the Etche-Okpala road.

“The situation is worsening by the day. Immediately after the bridge, there are signs that the road is failing.

“We hope that government will order emergency rehabilitation work on the road through the NDDC.

“The people and motorists who use the road are truly suffering. We urge government, particularly the State and Federal Governments to deal with the situation in the interest of taxpayers.”

Will government heed the cry?