Governor Nyesom Wike may be wondering why every step his administration takes these days is at the centre of widespread criticism.
Wike has been criticised for doing too little in his first 100 days in office, chastised for not having a full complement of commissioners and lampooned over the state of insecurity which is threatening his State.

Now, the free education scheme proclaimed by the administration has come under heavy attack.

Recall that Wike had recently declared that the free education scheme which he jettisoned at the beginning of his administration four years ago would now continue.
But public reactions gleaned from radio callers seem to suggest that not many residents agree with  Government’s implementation of the process.

Callers Wednesday on Nigeria Info accused the State government of failing in its responsibility to lay an appropriate foundation for the fruition of the new scheme.
They say Government is yet to supply much needed text books required for the instruction of  young pupils across the State while existing learning conditions within most schools are inclement.

Others alleged that dusters, chalks, blackboards and other teaching aides needed by teachers are not available.

Government has since said in response to massive criticisms that it has released funds for running schools in the State.
The exact amount released by Government was however not disclosed School.
But the government statement said the money would used for the acquisition of markers,  dusters, exercise books and chalks and other sundry items.

Teachers spoken to by this publication allege that the situation in Rivers schools is very deplorable.
There are no toilets, some teachers revealed.
Others disclosed that no attempt being made to provide the very basics in the school system.

Investigations confirm allegations by callers that most classrooms do not have sufficient desks.
Desks that are meant for a pupil or student are shared by a minimum of two persons under the Wike era
They equally reveal that the overcrowding  of classrooms is a threat to proper teaching and good health, especially of children of school age.

“This is why we are urging government to announce the names of its commissioners, a PDP leader who did not want his name in print noted, “there is no way the Governor can be everywhere. He needs to delegate functions and give others a chance to assist in the delivery of government policies and programmes.”

An APC member who also spoke under conditions of anonymity said of Governor Wike, “He thinks that he owns the government; probably believes that government funds belong to him exclusively; and only listens to own voice. This was not the case when men like Amaechi ran the system.”

“Within Government, there was division  of labour, a clear delegation of authority, an attempt to ensure accountability and transparency, and a commitment to serve the Rivers people. These are in short supply under Wike”, the APC source added.

Recall that under the Amaechi era, a total of 250 fully equipped model primary schools complete with computers, manicured playgrounds and condicive environment for learning where commissioned and more than 12,000 teachers.

Governor Wike had the teachers fired while his administration apparently looked the other way while thieves in the various communities went to work to ransack school structures, up to roofs and windows as well as chairs.