As arguments within the All Progressives Congress deepen, a chieftain of the party in the State, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke has urged members of the Abe group to stick to the rules of engagement or stay out.
Nwuke who said that the matter pertaining to the congress which has been challenged by Senator Magnus Abe was properly before a court was speaking on a Treasure FM Current Affairs programme, Democratic Platform.
The former member of the House of Representatives insisted that the National Secretariat acted well within its powers in establishing a caretaker committee.
He said that there was need not to confuse the issue of reconciliation with a ploy to promote power sharing, saying that the party which has tried to make the peace had decided to conduct the congress in order to cure the flawed processes which characterized the previous exercise.
He said it was wrong for anyone to conjure the feeling that the caretaker body would conduct congress, stressing that representatives of the national secretariat would be mandated to handle such a responsibility.
Besides, the newspaper Publisher said the committee which had been commended by Peter Odike, a former factional leader of the Abe group has said its doors were  open to all members of the party and wondered why each time moves are made to ensure fair contest within the party Abe and his supporters would head to court instead.
Asked what could be the way forward for the APC, Nwuke noted that adhering to processes set out by the party, opening up channels of communication on all sides and committing all the groups in crisis to play by the rule of engagement would pave the way out of the woods.
Contributing in course of the programme, another stalwart of the APC, Dr Terry Bagia said Abe was determined to ensure that the right thing is done.
Bagia said that a party which preaches change cannot afford to carry over acts of impunity from the PDP into its fold.
He said that reconciliation was necessary before the party could proceed in any direction, arguing that the Abe team believed its quest for justice was the best thing to do.
He accused the National Secretariat of the APC of choosing the membership of the caretaker committee without consultation, alleging that the choice of members were skewed in favour of  group.
Party members who hope this will be the last bus stop are waiting for the fireworks in the court  to begin.
Abe may have gone to court with the intention of sustaining the argument that Peter Odike is the chairman of the party.
But with Odike now backing the action of the National Secretariat of the party, Abe’s case might eventually develop what Nigerians in ‘Special English’  refer to as “k-leg”.