Could it be that Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State is under pressure to remain in the Peoples Democratic Party,  PDP?
It is likely.
At least six PDP governors visited the State last week on the heels of growing reports that Governor Wike may be preparing to turn his back on the party.
While here, the governors which included Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State and Governor Aminu Tamawal of Sokoto State said they were in the State to see things for themselves.
The State Governor has been celebrating his first 100 days in office. Some of the governors who called last week were equally supposed to be celebrating like Wike. Why did they leave their own states to be guest of the Rivers Governor when they ought to be celebrating their first 100 days in office?
“They come from other states and they ought to be celebrating 100 days in office. Why did they have to leave their states to visit Rivers?”, a Telegraph Correspondent, Chimex Ndubuisi asked.
That is the question that analysts and journalists covering Rivers State are asking.
The answer may be long in coming, but the visit of the PDP governors have left many with a riddle to crack.
The answer may lie in the fact that so much water appears to  have passed under the bridge.
Wike is reportedly unhappy  with the top heriechy of the party. There is a growing perception that he is being elbowed out by persons within the party for whom he has laboured.
Wike has remained one of the most bostererious as well as outspoken governors of the PDP.
The governors are believed, going by feelers that are reaching our news desk, to have appealed for a truce.
The Telegraph had reported last week that Wike may be planning to leave his party, or at best, link up with other Nigerians that are dreaming of a third force which may bring both the PDP and the APC to a grinding halt in 2023.
We have learnt that a closed door meeting which took place after the press had been entertained with the reason for their arrival, discussions which concentrated on the state of affairs within the PDP occupied centre stage.
Until the arrival of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar,  the Rivers governor was believed to be one of the major sponsors of his party.
But recent events, seen against the backdrop of the governor’s reactions have indicated that all may not be too well between Wike and his party.
He had warned the PDP not to toy with the Rivers State, stressing that the State has the capacity to withstand its onslaught.
Many here argue that the absence of Prince Uche Secondus, National Chairman of the PDP and an outstanding stalwart, since the celebration of the administration’s 100 days began might be an indication that the centre can no longer hold.
Secondus hasn’t reacted publicly after Wike accused the national party secretariat of establishing the most corrupt committee in the history of the PDP, saying that Sir Austin Opara, a serving member of the committee had done well in throwing in the towel.
The governor’s remark solidly proved that a secret war  yet to come to the open, may be building up.
Details of the meeting held behind closed doors are not well known, but snippets gathered from our sources within Government House say Wike may have been persuaded to remain in the party by his colleagues.
Surviving the conspiracy of the party machine held at the national level by Secondus who overcame the Yoruba challenge on the back of Wike and what some here see as the growing restiveness of the State Party Chairman,  Felix Obuah, has been alkegedly giving the governor sleepless nights.
The implication might well be that Wike may never realise the ambition of determining who his successor in office would  be or realising the dream of transmuting into a senator when the time comes.
For a man used to picking his fights,  Wike may have decided to make his moves early.
His open support for President Buhari in recent times have given credence to the suspicion that the governor may be angling to join the APC.
Neither the APC nor the Rivers strongman has admitted this fact, but our political correspondent  reckons that something is apparently going on.
The Telegraph has learnt that Wike in the past few weeks have stepped up high level contacts with certain politicians within the  APC.
“He is allegedly talking with other persons outside the fold of the PDP and the APC, a move that suggests he is considering all options that are available to him”, Telegraph  Publisher,  Ogbonna Nwuke remarked.
“We are keeping a close tab from this end”, Nwuke observed, “but the fact that there is a cold war within the PDP. Is very evident. “