An epic battle between Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State and Muslims in Port Harcourt may have started. The Muslims claim Governor Wike allegedly invaded a construction site within the Trans Amadi area where they are currently erecting a place of worship and forcefully destroyed everything in sight. Wike who has maintained in the past that Rivers State is a Christian state however denied the imputation that the government or its proxies had pulled down a mosque. But he admitted there was an order restraining the Muslims from building a mosque at the disputed site which they have ignored. Saying that the claim by the Muslim faithful lacked merit, Wike who took journalists to the scene to see things for themselves, warned Moslems in the State to refrain from being used to score cheap political points. The governor’s remark suggested that beyond the quest to build a mosque, there may be unseen hands that may be urging the Muslims on. Wike however did not name those behind the mask. According to Muslim leaders in the State, they have been using the ground which is close to the Rivers State Internal Revenue Services over the years for worship without any interference. They equally claim that they have long obtained official papers which have ceded the ownership of the said plot of land to them. But they say their right to build on it is being impeded by officials of the Rivers State Government led by Wike. Somehow, the story of the face off between Wike and the adherents of Islam have gone viral. Wike said on twitter Monday that he has been inundated by calls from several quarters, following the development. ” I have received calls from several prominent Nigerians on the fake news being circulated online. I have come here with Reporters and you can see there was no Mosque here. ” It is most unfortunate that fickle minded persons will claim that a Mosque was demolished at this place, when no Mosque existed here. The story was concocted by mischief makers to score cheap points”, the governor stressed. “The government gave them notice not to do anything on the land. But they went ahead with the illegal foundation and the relevant agency stopped them”, Wike explained. He said there are ” Several Mosques constructed on the approval of the State Government exist across Port Harcourt and other major towns of Rivers State, without the State Government demolishing them”, he emphasised. ” The State Government operates within the rule of law. The State Government will not be distracted by the illegal circulation of fake reports”, Wike added.