Russia has warned it would respond decisively to a missile test conducted by America. Washington which pulled away from the INF Treaty entered into by both sides launched a cruise missile which is part of the short range weapons that have banned over the years. President Vladimir Putin who summoned key defense officials said Russia would not fold its hand and watch. He said it would launch weapons of its own as a direct response to Washington’s action. He said that Russia would not allow its global interests to be threatened by the United States. America had unilaterally withdrawn from the INF treaty, two years before it was due to expire, thus raising fears that a return to the era of the cold war and the armed race might be inevitable. Meanwhile, North Korea has continued missile tests much to the consternation of South Korea and Japan, two principal allies of the United States. The last projectiles fired by the North which landed close to Japan was assessed by the US as short range missiles. Washington continues to down play the actions of the Koreans who do not appear for now, to be ready to denuclearize. China has so far maintained stoic silence in the wake of developments within its sphere of influence. Instead, it is focusing intensely on the trade war between it and the United States which is impacting negatively on the global economy.