The Chief Executive Officer of Overstock, Patrick Byrne has quit his position in his company, which is worth more than US 700 million dollars.

But not without a startling revelation which may cast further aspersions on the integrity of the FBI over the Russian investigation.

Byrne who claims to be a 56-year old bachelor told the CNN he left his job in order to stop the image of his company from being dragged into an espionage related matter, pertaining to his relationship with a female Russian spy.

The high flying chief executive is alleging he was encouraged by the FBI to continue a romantic affair with an alleged Russian spy after he reported she may be neck deep in political espionage.

He said he was dissatisfied with the way the FBI handled information that he pieced together, despite the consequences that the involvement of the Russians would have on the outcome of elections in the United States.

He said that the attitude exhibited by those he described as the “men in black”, suggested that at the highest level of the agency, the emphasis may not have been on conducting thorough investigations.

Byrne revealed he was willing to take the prosecution stand in order to speak truth to issues that he was aware of, stressing however that he may have received threats that he would be crushed to dust if he stepped forward with his account of an incredible story.